The Interiors collection coincides with the designer’s re-branding exercise and hence surprises with many fresh directions, while simultaneously staying true to Melinda’s signature style.

Centerpiece of the collection are imaginative prints, some of which are taken from Melinda’s very own abstract art paintings, brought to life with cutting-edge technology. Melinda Looi’s digital printing partner Epson, has been infusing their latest digital textile printing technology and expertise, creating luxe prints found in over 20 creations.

Besides abstract paintings, carpets too play their role in the collection. They have been developed into prints akin to classic scarf prints produced by the world’s leading luxury houses. And they have also been used to play with silhouettes, by extending pieces of fabric from garment flounces or creating handkerchief skirts and backs.

Other signature pieces are looser fit-to-flare A-line silhouettes, hidden slits and full skirts that fall just below the knee, as well as a playful spin on the corset, which is built-in to some dresses and shirt dresses.

“This season, fabrics are a vivid mix of textures, patterns and colours. Imagine a plush chaise longue with a throw casually draped over it. I took this to create the idea of fabric embroidery which you can see in our pleated jackets where we stitched metallic stripes over pleated grey wool suiting, as well as in our combo dresses.



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