Masak-Masak with Melinda: Veg Kut Teh (Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh) Recipe

Masak-masak with Melinda is back this time with “Veg Kut Teh”, which is actually vegetarian bak kut teh.  Watch the video below to see how Mel cooks this special Chinese herbal soup which you can replicate for yourself with the recipe below!


1 packet of spice bag
1 whole garlic
1 bowl of Chinese herbs including red dates
Different types of tofu
1.5 litres water
Chinese Cabbage


1.  Bring water to boil. Add in a packet of spices and the whole garlic.
2.  Add in the bowl of Chinese herbs, tofu pieces and mushrooms and let it to boil for an hour.
3.  Add in vegetables of your choice, in this case Chinese cabbage!
4.  Add in dark soy sauce, chilli and better yet, crispy youtiao  (only when being served!)
5.  Time to eat!
Enjoy! 😉
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