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It’s that time of the year once again, and our columnist shares how she celebrates together with her family.

MERRY Christmas folks! Although many people may disagree, to me, Santa is “real” …

And one day, my kids will learn that the true Santa has always been us – their beloved parents.

Till this day, my children (my eldest being eight) still believe that Santa comes to eat all the cookies and drink the glass of milk that we lay out for him on the night before Christmas eve.

And in accordance to the German custom, we open our presents before dinner on the eve of Christmas, and not on the day itself.

However, according to German tradition, the children eat the cookies and drink the milk that are put under the tree for Santa, to leave space for the presents.

But this is something I have adapted.

I will make sure my kids read all my columns when they are older, so that they know the truth about us parents and the little white lies we tell to keep them happy.

This year, my kids and I are spending Christmas in Malaysia, while Dirk has gone back to Germany to spend time with his family because Opa (grandfather), unfortunately, is unwell.

I have to stay to prepare my Autumn Winter 2014 collection for the coming trade events in Europe this February.

It is very different spending Christmas in such hot weather. It’s always nicer when there is snow and a fireplace to keep us warm.

How I wish we could have the same magical spell as in the animation Frozen, where the snowman gets his own cloud to keep himself cold and prevent from melting in the hot sun.

Speaking of which, the kids and I loved Frozen – it’s definitely a must-watch for families and children!

Frozen was a wonderful story about the importance of love.

Speaking of familial love, and to be specific maternal love, just a few days ago, I took Maya to the hospital for her very first surgery.

It was nothing big, but still pretty traumatising for a young child like her.

It was to extract her back tooth that had been causing trouble ever since she had to take some strong antibiotics at the age of 10 months, for bronchitis.

If we had left the tooth, the rest of her teeth wouldn’t be able to grow properly and we would eventually have to remove all the affected teeth.

Because she’s still young, Doctor suggested that the surgery be done under anaesthesia.

So I told Maya that she was going to be a sleeping beauty for half an hour, and that the tooth fairy would come to pick up her tooth and leave her a present.

Sad to say, this time, the little white lie didn’t work quite so well, and she was screaming for me as the nurse carried her into the operating theatre.

Being a mother, it was hard to watch my child in pain, but it was the only sensible decision I could make.

Fortunately, Maya has recovered well and is now able to enjoy all the festive sweets, chocolates and cookies.

She was told to eat ice cream for dinner after her surgery, and has become clever enough to complain of pain every day in order to get her fill of ice cream!

During Maya’s few hours of sleeping following her surgery, I was reading an article online about an ex-pop star who is being jailed on account of being a paedophile.

He admitted to 13 child sex offences, but there could be more victims out there.

Although he has been sentenced to 35 years in prison, what bothers me most is that a couple of the mothers whose children were molested actually gave him the consent to sexually abuse their kids!

And what is worse, they helped him capture the acts on video.

How crazy is this?

These women are crazed fans, willing to abuse their own babies, as young as 11 months, film the abuse and send the videos to their ‘idol’.

As a mother, to me, this is totally incomprehensible.

Reading this article sickened me.

More than anything, I’m angry with the mothers.

On a more positive note, it’s crazy to think that in a few days, we’ll be ushering in the New Year – 2014!

A month after that, we’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year.

The coming months are going to be very hectic, especially as I need to produce and sell each festive season collection before moving on … not forgetting my Spring Summer 2014 production, as well as my Autumn Winter 2014 samples.

Fashion is always so exciting; every day is new and fabulous.

I’m always on the go; always running and chasing for new designs and ideas.

That’s my life.

My life is my work, and my work is fashion!

Meanwhile, the school holidays will be coming to an end, which means a new wave of shopping for school bags, uniforms, pencil boxes, stationery, water bottles, etc.

Yet another job I have, to fill my time.

Cheers to all the parents out there!

Award-winning fashion designer Melinda Looi tries to marry consumerism and materialism with environmental consciousness, and believes her greatest creations are her children.

Mel’s Place is a fortnightly column by Melinda Looi for The Star newspaper.

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