City of amore

Our night ended with a nice jazz performance by a father and son duo at a bar/restaurant right next to the Sacre-Coeur, where most painters sell their artwork during the day.

Paris is a city of love – I can never get enough of it. I was supposed to stay for another five nights but after receiving the sad news of my father-in-law passing, I left Paris by train to Cologne to meet up with Dirk and Max to pay our last respects. After a tough battle with cancer, Opa has finally left us to rest in peace. We believe he is in a better place now.

I will be writing about Cologne in the next column. I guess Opa wanted me to witness the most amazing carnival here, which coincided with our time in the German city.

We will always remember this wonderful man and cherish memories of him in our hearts. You will be missed, Mr E L.

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