Challenges to Conquer

Max walking on a suspended bridge, as part of the Skytrex Adventure in Shah Alam.

IF YOU live in or around the Klang Valley and are looking to spend a weekend with friends or family without having to go too far, there is actually quite a lot that you can do.

I have just recently discovered Shah Alam. Considering I have been a KL-ite all these years, I’ve been a little slow on the uptake, but as they say, better late than never! What fascinates me about Shah Alam is its amazing parks.

One of our colleagues was suggesting that we do something together on a Sunday, and since it was Mika’s birthday weekend, I thought, “Hey, great idea!” But where to go? And what to do? My colleague suggested Skytrex Adventure, which I had heard about but was too chicken to try. But since everybody was in the mood for something different, I said yes, and booked for the kids to go too. From the website, it looked to me like a team-building kind of adventure, which I do think is important for friends at work to indulge in once in a while.

What’s more, two hours of fun, games and nature at Skytrex doesn’t cost too much: RM35 for children and RM45 for adults.

When we arrived at the venue, which is within the Shah Alam National Park, I was very impressed by how wonderfully well-kept the area was. It’s huge, with many other things to do besides Skytrex Adventure. Visiting this park reminded me of how lucky we Malaysians are to be in the tropics, blessed by such abundant greenery. We really should appreciate our flora more, and allow our children to enjoy it too.

So, back to Skytrex Adventure. It provides an organised outdoor “eco-recreational cum educational” activity which takes participants from tree to tree via a series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3m to 22m in the air. Obviously, I was at the 3 -10m level because of my children. I said to my team, they must have someone to watch over them, right? Of course, I was secretly glad for this excuse not to be suspended at a height of 22m! Everyone could see though my bluff and kept teasing me and my fear of heights, but I was not going to be swayed – at kiddy height I stayed.

At first, Mika wasn’t sure why the abang (a Skytrex staff member) strapped him up with all kinds of safety devices. For a kid, these feel heavy and he was not happy to be weighed down by odd contraptions. But when I explained that only with the safety harnesses will he be allowed to swing like a monkey from tree to tree, he got really excited. My two elder ones could not wait to start with their abangs, especially brave Maya, who was the first on the treks! She managed to finish all the challenges and repeated three rounds. Max did two rounds and one extreme children’s round. I did just one, since I had to watch over my little prince Mika, who was exhausted after one full round.

We thought it would be hot, but with all the shade from the tall trees, it was actually very comfortable. I was scared to attempt the Flying Fox, but once I was out hanging and “flying”, I felt immense freedom as if I were a bird. Now I can imagine how amazing it would be if one did skydiving. I did contemplate doing the adult extreme level, but all in good time. First I need to conquer the kids’ challenges.

Skytrex Adventure is definitely the first of its kind in Malaysia – a place where you can enjoy jungle trekking from a height never reached before.

Where you can test your agility, walk, crawl, glide and swing through different challenges in the sky in total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian tropical rainforest.

In this amazing park, you can also rent bicycles to cycle up and down the hills on purpose made tracks.

Besides this park, there are many things to do in Shah Alam. Check them out. You will really have a lot of fun just in a day or over a weekend, and at very affordable prices too.

After our time in such a beautiful environment, I was definitely rejuvenated. I had fresh inspiration to create my coming couture collection, which will be showcased at the Bangkok International Fashion Week next month. So while I was away from work, it was definitely not time wasted.

Happy working and creating, everybody!

Mel’s Place is a fortnightly column by Melinda Looi for The Star newspaper.

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