Afifah Ariff’s Baju Akad Nikah – Combining Baju Kurung and Kebaya

“I got Melinda Looi to design a number for the most imporant day of my life, my BIG DAY – the Akad Nikah on 10.10.10. I was first introduced to Mel by a friend. I brought my mum at the time because she had other ideas for my baju nikah. I wanted a simple baju kurung and mum wanted a kebaya. But somehow Mel was like a magician and on her first sketch to us hit the spot. It was perfect as she combined both on what my mom and I wanted. We were both so happy and the end product was just breath taking and it got my wedding pictures into a few magazines with Mel’s gorgeous detail-oriented baju. Until today me and my mum still goes to Mel to do our bajus for all sorts of occasions. She’s definitely one of the most talented, creative, honest, genuine, hard working designers I know. Both my mom and I are very happy customers :)” – Afifah Ariff 

Quite often, my clients come to me with their sister(s), best friend(s), and/or their mother, because these are the women whose opinions matter most, and they trust them to assist in the decision making for one of the biggest occasions in their life – the wedding. Differing opinions are unavoidable when it comes to selection of the wedding dress. As a designer, it is my role to  to listen to all parties and understand (between the lines) what it is that each person likes/dislikes. As I said, the people that a bride brings along to choose a wedding dress are important to her, so the end goal is for me to develop a creation that everyone is happy with.

Afifah and her mom had different ideas on what to wear for her akad nikah. Afifah wanted a simple kurung, while her mum thought a kebaya would be more suitable. In the end, I combined both to create a kebarung (kebaya+kurung). The dress was simple, with long-sleeves (of course!), and a tailored fit, then highlighted with elaborate tone-on-tone embellishments (pearls, Swarovski crystals, etc) to add dimension and sparkle. I also designed a matching veil with border lace and beading to match the dress. Overall, I was very pleased with the dress, and I am happy that Afifah and her mom felt the same way.

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