A stroll down memory lane: Melinda Looi Couture 2013 “Lost in the Forest”

It has been 3 years since Melinda Looi had launched her couture collection. This year, she is working on something new for her Melinda Looi Couture 2016 collection and whilst that is still something up and coming, we would like to look back on her 2013 couture collection called “Lost In The Forest”.


We would like to take you back to 2013, where Melinda Looi debuted her Couture collection “Lost in the Forest”. This collection was inspired by and named after a poem, Lost in the Forest by renowned Chilean, Pablo Neruda.

The words in Neruda’s poem evoke a time and place that is sensuously beautiful and serene. I love the forest. I love its secrets, its powerful mystery. The forest holds within it an intangible and innocent wisdom,  with many layers, from the subterranean to the ground, the level of trunks and branches and then the canopy, each rich with wondrous wildlife.

‘Lost in the Forest’ is an expression of my personal perspective of the multi-layered depth and natural beauty of the forest. It emits my “eclectic vintage” style, with plenty of intricate detailing and elaborate embellishments. I combined a variety of materials, colours, and detailing to reflect these layers – there was tulle, to create interesting three dimensional effects; French lace, to represent the secrets of the forest; velvet and duchess satin to reflect the richness of mother nature; soft chiffon, to flow like the wind between the trees; while heavy embroidery over double faced linen transformed the woods, bringing it to life with a burst of flowers and colours. In keeping with the theme, ‘Lost in the Forest’ sticks to a palette of earthy hues – black, forest greens, olive, browns, nudes, beige, reds, grey and teal.

An up close inspection of the collection revealed surprising and delightful details – three dimensional embroidered insects such as dragonflies, beetles, and ants (which, when viewed from afar, took on the appearance of conventional embroidered motifs) adorned dresses, corsets, and sleeves. To complete the look, I sent the models down the runway wearing antennae headpieces and real insect jewelry. The resulting atmosphere was dramatic, ethereal, and fairy-like. I wanted my models to resemble warriors of the forest. My collections always celebrate strong women.


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